Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Essie 'Fiji'

This is the perfect shade to compliment and enhance the tan you may be sporting this summer. I love the look of pale nail polishes during the warmer months but I have never been a fan of wearing full on white. Instead, Essie 'Fiji' is an opaque very light pink. I have found with a lot of light pink polishes you have to layer up the coats to make the colour stand out but with this one, two coats of plenty. This is probably my third bottle of this and I wear it constantly on my nails all summer.

Essie 'Fiji' £7.99


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Summer Swimsuit Guide // 2014

The Triangle Bikini
The classic triangle bikini, these are great for a chilled out beach day. My personal favourite being the Triangl bikinis, they are amazing quality and unlike some triangle string bikinis they stay on well and are very durable. I love the black leather look, as giving a sexy twist on the simple black triangle bikini. For those smaller bust girls the Miu Miu ruffle bikini is perfect! 
Top Left // Triangl , Top Right // Topshop , Bottom Left // Miu Miu , Bottom Right // Triangl

The Bra Top Bikini
These are perfect to give a little more support for the girls, and a little more reliable for more active beach days. The patterns on these are awesome and will definitely turn a few heads on the beach. 
Top Left // Mara Hoffman , Top Right // Topshop , Bottom Left // Topshop , Bottom Right // Topshop

 The Strapless Bikini
I am a big advocate of strapless bikinis, especially when your outside and tanning. Bikinis with straps may be more of a 'safe' option but they normally result in some crazy tan lines. I am not normally a fan of wearing yellow but with a golden tan the Charlie by MZ bikini would look amazing!
Top Left // Mara Hoffman , Top Right // Marysia , Bottom Left // Triangl , Bottom Right // Charlie by MZ

The High Waisted Bikini
I have yet to own a high waisted bikini but I love the vintage 1960s look to them. If you are looking for a little more coverage around the tummy area these are the ones to go for. 
Top Left // Topshop , Top Right // Lisa Marie Fernandez , Bottom Left // Topshop , Bottom Right // Topshop 

The One Piece
For those really active summer days you may want a little more security (no one wants a missing bikini top moment) these one pieces give more coverage but still looks great. The Mara Hoffman especially, the cutouts highlights the waist and that pattern is just, wow.  
 Top Left // Mara Hoffman , Top Right // J Crew , Bottom Left // Topshop , Bottom Right // Suboo