Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Five Blogs You Should Be Reading

Vivianna Does Makeup // From classic and stylish fashion picks to high end and drugstore beauty picks, this blog covers it all. If I ever have doubt about a product, before buying it I will normally head over to here and search for a review.

Chocolate Covered Katie // You would not believe this is a healthy recipe blog with recipe titles of Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Pie and Double Chocolate Brownie Batter Pancakes you would think there is no way that could be remotely healthy, but Katie makes it guilt free and it tastes like the real thing (and in my opinion, sometimes even better).

Nouvelle Daily // My favourite posts from this blog have to be the haircare roundups, which include some of the best texturising products on the market. A downside? The amount I have spent in Space NK after reading these posts *shudders*. Plus for bloggers looking to grow and expand your blog like me, there are some great blog tip posts I have found massively helpful!

Blogilates // My favourite fitness blog, she covers recipes, workout calendars and pilates videos for each part of the body your want to tone up. Plus her workout videos are so motivating I can actually get through a few (not pain free of course).

Zoella // Amazing blog look, gorgeous photography and serious blog envy for this one. This is one of the first blogs I started reading and was definitely one of the reasons I started blogging.


  1. Aww all these picks are wonderful and I love them all too - really great blogs :)

    Layla xx

  2. You just gave me three new blogs to check out, so thank you!
    Also Vivianna Does Make Up is the queen of blogging is she not? haha
    Loving the look of your blog space, so clean =)

    Jackie Jean

    1. Oh good I am glad :) Yes she is, I love her blog so much!!
      Thank you for the lovely comment! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing, gonna check them out right away!

    Jules x

  4. I know only Vivianna, Blogilates & Zoella and I love them too! :) And thanx for the other tips :)

  5. A couple of my favourites too! Lovely post!

    Lauren x

  6. How did I not know any of these?? Thanks for sharing! xx

  7. I LOVE VDM! Her writing is so witty I wish she would write a book
    Allison from