Monday, 14 October 2013

Cold weather essentials // Top products for dry skin

That pesky winter weather always takes a toll on my skin when that time of the year rolls around so here are my top products for conquering that dry skin!

La Rouche-Posay, Moisturizing cream for sensitive skin 
I love La Rouche-Posay and not to mention they are a big part of my skin are routine! My skin is usually dry and sensitive despite the cold weather so this moisturiser is perfect. Pop a pea size amount before bedtime then the same in the morning before applying your makeup (I normally wait 5 minutes for it to soak in before foundation). 

The Body Shop, Vitamin E face mist 
This stuff is amazing. You know when you've had your makeup on for a few hours and your skins feeling a bit 'eugh'? Just spritz this little gem on your face and it will give you that extra boost that you need. Especially good if you skin is feeling a bit dry it gives that lusted dewy finish! 

Dr Jart, Water fuse BB cream
In winter, like I said my skins tends to get even more dry than it is already and I find most foundations tend to stick to dry patches leaving your skin looking even worse that it did before you put the foundation on (so what's the point?!) That's where BB creams come in (my ultimate favourite being Dr Jart) a happy medium between a tinted moisturiser and foundation you could say. 

Fresh, Sugar lip polish
Everyone needs a good lip scrub to exfoliate those babies in the cold season. This one smells like brown sugar, no joke. The kind of heavenly smell you get in the first step of making cookies, you know when you mix the brown sugar and butter together, Is it just me who sometimes stops on this step and gets straight to the eating? just me? oh okay then ;) but seriously who doesn't want that on their lips?!

Revlon, Lip butter in Pink Truffle 
If you are looking for a bit of colour and moisture, my personal favourite are the Revlon Lip butters, Pink Truffle being the 'best cold weather colour'! 

The Body Shop, Shea body butter 
This has everything you could ever want in a body butter. Thick and luxurious? check! Not greesy? check! Smells good? double check! Normally I lather this on my elbows, feet, knees and hands when I get out of the shower and before I go to bed, resulting in lovely smooth (and smell good) skin!

E45, Nourish & Restore body lotion 
Pretty basic just a good everyday, all over moisturiser! Again, I put this on when I get out of the shower and at night all over! I tend to find The Body Shop one a bit heavy for all over.

So that's it, those are the products I use to help me through those cold months which are creeping up on us! 



  1. Some great pics! Lovely blog, i've followed on bloglovin :)

    It can't be another beauty blog

  2. Aww thank you!!! Love your blog too, had a look and followed! :)

  3. Great picks! The Body Shop do great moisturising products xx

    Jasmine Cara