Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Review // Living Proof Prime Style Extender

I have to admit when I first heard about this product, I thought it was a gimmick. Maybe because I don't really use or believe in primers as I have never really found they made a massive difference to my makeup. Having said that when I saw there was a hair primer, I was pretty curious as to how it actually works (and if it does work) so I figured I would test it out to cure my curiosity.

My hair isn't really one to hold a curl and as this product claims to "save time and forget the touch- ups" this compelled me even more to try it. And yes, Living Proof does live up to its name and it's claims. It also smells like you have been in a hair salon after you use it which to me, is always a bonus. Not to mention it cuts my dry time in half which is a massive turn on for little old lazy me (time to say goodbye to that hairdryer arm cramp). 
On top of all the other things I have mentioned of why I love this product so much, it saves your hair for another day without a wash. Washing my hair is seen as a chore for me so alas, brownie points for this. Having said this, I'm sure this product will be different for everyones certain hair type. My hair being thin, pin straight and not one to hold styles, this product helps to give it more of a mattified texture and not a rough, beachy texture. It still keeps the shine and movement in your hair by simply making it feel a bit fuller. The primer eliminates that annoying first day freshly washed hair that never cooperates. 

Have you tried this product and what do you think of it? 



  1. Sounds really nice, I love living proof products! I used the no frizz shampoo and its probably one of my most loved shampoos ever!!

  2. I have never tried a primmer but was thinking of buying one as I read many reviews on blogs :) xx