Thursday, 2 July 2015

Five YouTubers You Should Be Watching

I've been watching YouTube for quite a few years now. From what the best BB Cream is to how to do the perfect squat, it's all on there. So, here are a my top five YouTubers to watch, who will tell you everything you need to know about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

She covers everything from vlogs to hauls but my favourite thing to watch Zoella for is her homeware hauls. I can only imagine her home looking like a Pinterest news feed with her chic candle collection and copper decor.

Hannah Maggs
A mum and beauty blogger that does weekly vlogs with her husband and their baby Grayson. If you like family vlogs Hannah Maggs is one to watch.

Niomi Smart
Her channel is one to go to if your searching for healthy, vegan treats. Niomi does videos on everything healthy, with food, fitness and even throws some fashion and beauty in the mix.

ViviannaDoesMakeup is the reason I started my blog. Her classic, chic fashion style and effortless natural beauty looks will make you want to watch more and more. I definitely recommend watching her 'makeup menus' for great beauty products, but I have to warn you, your bank will suffer from many purchases at SpaceNK after clicking on her videos.

Tone It Up
This channel is my favourite fitness channel. They target all body parts and makes working out not a chore. As summer is quickly approaching, I would go check out their 'Bikini Series' for some great workouts they do on the beach.

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