Saturday, 20 February 2016

My Pinterest Guide To Food Shopping

When it comes to food shopping its all a bit confusing figuring what things you actually need rather than want, then you find yourself with a basket of chocolate and snacks that go way over the budget. This has taken me a long time to get the hang of but I have finally found the ultimate guide to food shopping and eliminates all the things you don't need and sticks to the budget- all with the help of Pinterest.

So first I like to start out with a list of the basics, the stuff you always buy that won't change. Here's an example of what I add to my 'basics list'. 

The Basics
• Milk
• Butter
• Eggs
• Bread
• Fruit
• Pasta
• Rice
• Tea
• Coffee

I find it quicker and easier to do an online food shop so I will go through this list in my kitchen to see what I have in and add thing to the items I am out of to my basket. If you prefer to go into the store to do your shop then I recommend to keep this basic list on your phone then copy and paste this list to an new list with only the items you need to buy. 

Now comes the fun bit... Yes I think meal planning is fun.

Before my food shop I will find recipes that I want to make for the week ahead on Pinterest or online then add them to my Pinterest board. I have two broads that I use for this... my 'Meals' board and a board I make up each week for the meals I will be making.

The 'Meals' board is a collection of recipes I have pinned to make in the future, like an online collection of recipes. Then each week I will make a board of meals for the week and pin recipes from my 'Meals' board onto my weekly board. I will mainly pin dinner meals instead of lunch and breakfast since those meals are normally a 'make up on the go' type of thing with the ingredients I have in the kitchen.

Now that I have made my weekly recipes board, I start going through the recipes and add ingredients into my online basket. I normally do this pacing around the kitchen like a mad women searching through my cupboards to make sure I don't add something I already have.

Voila, that is my 'Pinterest Guide to Food Shopping'. This save so much money when cooking things from recipes and saves me craving for takeaway- but don't get me wrong, I still LOVE a good takeaway. This allows me to get more creative in the kitchen and play around with new recipes!

Let me know if you give this a try and how you guys like it      

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