Thursday, 3 September 2015

Tips for Blogging in Full Time Education/Work

Schedule which days you will be posting...
This is simply to make a schedule, you can then plan when to write your blog posts around your week and other deadlines you will have. I have a schedule of posting 2 times a week, on Monday's and Thursday's. In my opinion this amount is manageable with other full time commitments. 
However saying that, some weeks differ- you can have a quiet week and you could manage to post 4-5 times a week, but then you could have a very busy week with only enough time to post 1-2 times a week. I tend to stick to the schedule and save blog posts for those busier weeks. Then, if you feel like you can handle more posts each week, increase it by another day and so on. 

Take as many photos as possible in your free time...
Taking pictures for you blog can be tricky sometimes, if you are just starting out blogging then you may not have the equipment such as light boxes, forcing you to rely on natural light. 
If you are working or studying full time, then chances are you will be doing that in the prime time to take pictures. Therefore, the weekend is the best time to utilise the natural light and take as many pictures as possible to plan for the week of posts ahead. 

Write lots of blog posts ready to publish...
As I mentioned before, some weeks will be busier than others and these very busy weeks can be stressful when you still need to write those blog posts. To put a stop to those rushed, stress filled posts  I write a collection of filler posts you could say. These tend to be posts like 'Links I've Been Loving' and 'Wishlists', I write these posts my spare time and only use them for those jam-packed weeks.
In addition to this, I will also write as many blog posts as possible in the weeks I'm not very busy so there is no worry about not having anything to publish.

Use a notes app on your phone to record new blog post ideas...
Sometimes bloggers can go through a bit of a bloggers block. To get as many ideas flowing as possible as soon as I think of one I write it down, otherwise I will probably forget it by the time I get home. I use the Notes app on my iPhone for this which works great because my phone is on me most of the time and I can quickly jot ideas down. An idea can come suddenly from anything from tasting something delicious to inspire a recipe to seeing how someone wore their kimono. 

Have posts ready for social media e.g. Instagram, twitter...
This is to keep up with social media, the more you are posting, the more people discover you and your blog. If you are a regular poster this will also help to maintain and raise your followers. However, in full time study or work there are some days where work is the only thing you have done and there is literally nothing exciting to report from your day. Try to refrain from not posting at all. Anything I see that I think would look great on my Instagram feed, I take a picture of it- but I limit my posts so I am not posting 5 times a day on the weekend and none at all in the weekdays. I try and stick to one a day or every other day- this all depends on the amount of images you tend to take per week.

I hope some of these tips help and I would love to hear any tips you have in the comments! 

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