Monday, 31 August 2015

Luxemme Delphine Eyelet Lace Up Two Piece

Luxemme was so kind for contacting me, giving me the opportunity to collaborate with their clothing brand. I was lucky enough to pick a bespoke designed piece from their Limited Edition collection.

Luxemme is a new clothing brand who describes their style as "Parisian chic with Manchester street". After getting sent this Delphine Eyelet Lace Up Two Piece I can say that their pieces are the hight of luxury, with a great quality feel and a true to size fit (I am wearing size 6). These types of clothing brands typically come with a costly price tag, but Luxemme gives you great quality with a price tag that doesn't put you in shock.

I picked the Delphine Eyelet Lace Up Two Piece because of it's uniqueness. The lace up sides on the top not only follows the Cut-Out trend that I am loving for the summer but also allows you to have the perfect fit by adjusting the ties. The shorts are also a piece that I will not only be wearing with this top but also pairing it with some others in my wardrobe. They are so versatile and the high waisted fit shows off those curves beautifully.

You get get this simple but stunning and chic two piece here, but they only have 4 left so I would hurry to get your hands on this beauty! In addition to these pieces, Luxemme also offers many other two pieces from their Limited Edition Collection ranging from a casual everyday feel to a more sophisticated look. 

Visit the Luxemme website for more luxury, chic pieces like this one!