Monday, 16 May 2016

6 Fashion Pieces I've Been Eyeing Up For Spring/Summer

When next seasons items are out, I like to browse online to see what is in store fashion wise, and when I mean browse I mean hours of endless scrolling on every online shop known to man. These are a few pieces I came across for spring/summer 2016. 

Starting from top left to bottom right // ASOS Denim Mom Shorts,  ASOS Leather Knotted Tie Leg Sandals, Topshop Belted Shirtdress, Topshop Mini Leather Crossbody Bag, Topshop Crinkle Trim Bardot Playsuit, Topshop MOTO Short Denim Dungaree

These ASOS Denim Mom Shorts are the perfect pair of simple shorts for when the sun is out. I find a lot of denim tend to have rips in them so it's nice to find a not tampered with pair of shorts. They are perfect to pair with a plain tee and a blue denim jacket for little extra warmth, because lets face it, in England 'just shorts weather' is very rare. Moving onto shoes, I love the look of these ASOS Leather Knotted Tie Leg Sandals. I can imagine some funky tan lines as a result of these but they are so worth it, a little bit of something extra to the simple sandal. This Topshop Belted Shirtdess is so chic for the warmer months and can be paired with converse for a casual look and black sandal heels for a night time look. Now for accessories, I believe that with every season comes a new bag and in the spring/summer months I tend to stray away from the 'fit everything but the kitchen sink' type bags I tend to normally go for. This small and simple white Topshop Mini Leather Crossbody Bag is perfect, it matches with pretty much anything and is just big enough to fit in the essentials. Next, a playsuit is something every women should have in her wardrobe, especially for those 'I really can't be bothered to choose an outfit' type days, just throw one piece on and you're ready to go with this Topshop Crinkle Bardot Playsuit. The last fashion piece for spring/summer is the Topshop MOTO Short Denim Dungaree, I have been seeing these everywhere and they are really making a comeback. These definitely takes me to my toddler days and I am loving it.      

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