Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sweater Weather // Fashion Picks

Sweater weather is without a doubt my favourite time for fashion. The new jackets, boots and especially the knitted jumpers, which as you can imagine, does not do well for my bank account. Nevertheless, these are some of the items I tend to gravitate towards in the colder months.

Topshop, Biker Jacket £58
This is the kind of jacket you can wear with anything. Jeans, dresses, skirts, leggings, the list goes on. Biker jackets instantly makes a casual, simple outfit look more put together and adds a 'edgy' twist. I usually layer a knitted jumper with this to mix up the textures of my outfit.

Steve Madden, Combat Boots £99
I've had these boots for two years now and they are still in amazing shape. I actually prefer them now as they have a more 'worn' and 'lived in' look. Plus they are the comfiest things in the world. I wear these with basically anything, jeans, leggings and they are a perfect transition piece with summer dresses and a knitted jumper.  

ASOS, Tartan Scarf £20
This is a fairly new addition to my many scarfs I have collected over the years. I have loved the new tartan trend this season but didn't want to go all out with a tartan skirt or bottoms, so I decided on this scarf. If I'm feeling extra lazy or in a rush in the morning I just throw on a pair of jeans, white tee, biker jacket and this scarf. Voilà you look like you made an effort but really it only took you two minutes.

Topshop, Knitted Angora Cable Jumper £46
I was on the hunt quite a while for a classic cream knit and when I found this one, it was love at first  sight. Just a basic slouchy knit that screams 'sweater weather'. I wear this with a pair of denim jeans, some boots and I'm good to go.

Topshop, Check Shirt £30
I had my eye on this one for quite a while, after seeing more and more people in these check shirts looking so good I figured I had to get one. This is literally the softest darn thing ever. The perfect piece to throw on with some jeans and converse in the morning, especially when you're in a rush and tired (essential for a university student like myself).

Topshop, MOTO Blue Jamie Jeans £40
Everyone needs a good pair of skinny jeans to go with those knit jumpers. I used to prefer wearing skirts and dresses but since I have moved to Plymouth I have learned the wind is a tad bit stronger over here than where I used to live. Needless to say a flowy dress or skirt is not ideal when you're trying to walk to a lecture on a windy day. I have then resorted to jeans which I have been loving. I recently purchased this pair from Topshop and they fit like a glove, soft and stretchy.

What's your 'sweater weather' fashion picks?



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    1. Thank you!! I know right, it's one of my favourite knitted pieces!