Thursday, 27 August 2015

9 Instagram Accounts I Love

(From left to right: @nataly0689, @alice_bitmead, @k_a_t_h_r_i_n, @ciderwithrosieblog, @ihavethisthingwithfloors, @linda_lomelino, @meghanrienks, @_ponykiss_, @alexcentomo) 

@nataly0689 This is an account including different foods, fashion and lifestyle posts but what I love about this one is the many flowers and foliage that she includes in her images. I find these to add so much life and colour to her posts that accompany the overall neutral tone of her images very nicely.

@alice_bitmead Alice's account is a blend of bright and lively colours in the food she makes and the  various places she photographs. With her witty captions to go with these images her account has you scrolling for hours and hours. 

@k_a_t_h_r_i_n If you are wanting some healthy food inspiration this is the account to visit. Kathrin creates beautiful smoothie bowls topped full with endless superfoods and fruits, with stunning presentation. Her account gives off the most vibrant, colourful look with the natural foods she uses.

@ciderwithrosieblog Cider with Rosie is a collection of images that ooze English countryside with an exception of the tropical Thailand images from her honeymoon. I always feel very cosy when browsing through her account, this is probably more than likely from the morning coffee and breakfast in bed posts. 

@ihavethisthingwithfloors If you also have a thing with floors, I would recommend this account. It is full of regramed images from various floors all over the world with the most beautiful and unique designs, you almost wish this was a flooring catalogue.

@linda_lomelino Linda is a very talented photographer which is shown by her gorgeous recipes decorated and photographed to perfection. She also includes pictures of lovely, colourful exteriors wherever she travels. If you are looking for an account to follow with a mixture of lifestyle and irresistible recipes, Linda Lomelino is one to follow. 

@meghanrienks I just really enjoy to look at the whole bright and airy design of Meghan's account. She has created a beautiful wash of white across her account filled with her day to day life from the food she eats to the outfits she puts together.  

@_ponykiss_ This account is a mixture of food, travel and general everyday life. She has created an account of perfectly composed images that always tend to make me a tad jealous of wherever she is photographing these places. 

@alexcentomo Everything on this account is Pinterest worthy you could say. I first found Alex's account from watching her YouTube videos which are full of fashion, workout and hair tutorials that is reflected in her Instagram feed. One thing I have learnt from flicking through her images, is that you will get serious hair envy. 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for new Instagram accounts for inspiration.

    x Sarah

    1. You're welcome! I always love scrolling through those accounts! x